Saturday, June 8, 2019

How OneNote Can Save You Time and Your Sanity

Customers will begin to ask the same questions over and over. This is where FAQs pages (aka Frequently Asked Question) got their start. In the age of social media though, few want to refer to these pages. ESPECIALLY if they believe they are talking directly to the model of their desires. So how does one remain polite when you hear the exact same question for the 15th time that hour?
Many of us are familiar with OneNote already but most do not know that you can use it as an on-hand FAQ. Take one tab and label as such – FAQ. Then just write down questions people ask you all the time. It is far easier to copy and paste than to have to retype out information over and over and over again. Going further, when you aren’t in the best mood, it can help to have an instant polite reply ready to go. I don’t know about you, but when I am not feeling the happiest, my replies can show it!
What about bios? If you are doing podcasts, press releases or any sort of interview, you will be asked for quick bio. While they seem to be easy to write, when under a time constraint, it can seem like your brain just shuts down. Having one on the ready (or a few variations) can really cut down on unnecessary stress. Add some preferred promo pics and desired shareable links.
On the run like the rest of the world? OneNote will take dictation. If you can’t type or are in just a hurry, hit the microphone button and just talk away. It doesn’t record your voice but puts it into text for easy reading later. When putting on your makeup, taking a bath or any other task that requires your hands, you can just have OneNote jot down ideas. Make a list of upcoming cam show ideas, places to promote yourself next, clips you want to create or people you need to remember to reach out to. Now you can multitask a bit easier. Just go back through and organize your notes when you have the time.
Your notes are also always with you. In these days of apps and mobile data, you are always just a finger press away from whatever you enter. This is especially important when you are out doing conventions or even doing trade shoots. Store blank copies of contracts, digital business cards (you can beam that file from your OneNote to their device!) and take down their information in your OneNote. Direct messages are great, but they can get buried over time, especially when you are out networking! Store it in OneNote and then organize when you have the time.
Don’t forget to use the tagging system. This makes it easier to find certain notes that are of special importance. Custom files to be created are a massive pain when there is no system for knowing what props need to be bought, what rooms it needs to be shot in or scheduling for other models! By tagging, you can ensure that that note stays at the top of your list and you can even set reminders to notify you when deadlines are coming up.
Have a video, photo or audio piece you need to go with a certain project? You can upload these as well into your various notebooks. This gives you a nice overview of what has been done and what needs the most attention. It also helps when you are working remotely. Warning though, you do also want backups, especially when working with adult content. OneDrive is awesome but they do have some rules against adult content in their terms of service.
Finally, OneNote is amazing for helping you schedule your meetings. OneNote can integrate with Google Calendars and I highly suggest you do so. This means you can schedule your tasks while in your OneNote and it will automatically go onto your Google Calendar. You can even send invites so a meeting syncs to other people. Why not just use Google Calendar’s though? With OneNote, you can attach files that may be needed for that meeting or even a to-do list. Having a check list of everything I will need for a trip, meeting or even a trip to the store. Never forget a thing!
Organization in any company is critical and the adult industry is no exception. Maybe you find that you are not a fan of OneNote. Try out several different productivity apps that will keep your precious appointments, lists, contacts and notes in one place! 

-Amberly Rothfield

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