Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organizing Your Work Schedule

Finding the balance between keeping your childhood wonder and trust in everyone and that everything will turn out all right is the key to being an adult.
We fight our whole childhood to "grow up" but the actual struggle is to not be lazy when we get there. All my troubles in my life have been because I was willing to just "go with the flow". I wouldn't budget or make it to work everyday, and at the end of the month I was running to Mommy and Daddy begging for the to bail me out. We all have to start taking responsibility in our lives and do the things that need to get done because we are adults.
I really love my career since I get to make my own hours and I dont have to be stuck in a box 40hrs a week. But the fight then becomes motivating myself to get on webcam or make videos. I have to stay organized with long lists of videos to create and keep goals for myself (ie 10 videos 2mins or longer by the end of the week) With webcaming my only way to keep on top of it is advertise like crazy the nights I will be online so I feel the responsibility to keep my word and not disappoint my fans.