Monday, October 27, 2014

Bulk Scheduling Tweets on Hootsuite

This Blog was very help for Bulk Scheduling Tweets on Hootsuite

Friday, July 18, 2014

Automatic Tweets and Marketing

Check out

You can have a basic account which is free and allows to to schedule updates to go to your social media sites. Or I actually pay for hootsuite pro because I like being able to auto schedule tweets too by just clicking a template. The site has great tutorials if you want to get more indepth.

Marketing is your bread and butter. You can produce fantastic videos and photographs, but if no one knows they are available to be purchased what good is that to you??

As a general rule I tweet at least one clip or picture with a link to my clips4sale, southern-charms or every hour. With hootesuite I can schedule my tweets for the week one or two nights a week and be done with it. I am not wasting my time on social media. I get to make money while I am focused on my family.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Make a Living in the Plus Size Adult Industry

You will read a lot of people saying you can't pay your bills with porn, but I make my living from porn. I will not claim that you can get rich from porn. That is extremely rare, and definitely not in my niche. But this is how I make the adult industry work for me. I produce most of my own content, rather than being paid by a company for a scene. My clips4sale site pays my rent every month. I live in a great 3brd 2bath condo, in Las Vegas, in a nice gated community. My southern-charms site pays for my utilities. My income from my personal site and webcaming on streamate cover my other expenses. I live a very comfortable and relaxed life style. I set up content trade shoots/parties every month so I am my fellow models can produce their own content easily. So far, I have spent hundreds this year on food and locations for everyone, but it has been more than worth it because I and all the other models have benefited with months worth of videos and pictures to sell. I produce mostly fetish content because lets face it if a guy wants to watch me giving a blowjob he can go to pornhub or the like and jerk off for free. However, fetish lovers are willing to pay money to see what they like because its rare to find. You have to find your niche. What makes you different or special? Market that quality.

I shoot with companies once or twice a month. I work with a few of the top bbw companies shooting hardcore videos. I always negotiate my rate. Never take whats offered at first. They should pay for room, travel, food and testing. If you aren't getting all of this done you need to ask for it! Don't complain about what people wont do for you if you aren't willing to demand better treatment. Earlier this week I gave a new model this very advice about testing and she took it and asked the producer to pay for it and like that her wish is granted. Most porn companies want to keep you happy, because you are their product. So don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You don't have to be a diva about it. You can act like a smart business woman.

I webcam on streamate. I have a goal of at least $100 a day. I usually make it in the first 30mins to an hour of being online. Then I log off and go relax. At the end of the month I've made around $3000. Custom video requests come in everyday. I keep track of them and go down the list creating them, when I have shoots. Fans are willing to pay a premium for custom work. I promote my ass off on social media like twitter and instagram.  I make public appearances at AVN, BBW fanfest, Pornstar Karaoke, Plush Night Club, and on radio shows like SinCity Bounty. All of these places and events are easy to access. I network with models, photographers, producers etc at these events.

Occasionally, I have see a fan who wants to pay me for my time, but it is not where I make the majority of my income. I used to escort, but now I don't have to, because I have focused my attention where it needed to be. I do not look down on girls in the industry who do it obviously. Just be safe and smart always.

So, If you add the total time I spend working a month it comes to about 1 week. While everyone slaves away to barely pay their bills I am watching Netflix or getting my nails done (You get the idea). You can definitely make a living in the adult industry if you are willing to work when you need to. Good luck ladies!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Upload files via an FTP

Step 1 Download and install Filezilla
Step 2  Enter your FTP Host info example:
Step 3 enter your Username
Step 4 Enter your Password
Step 4 click on Quickconnect
Step 5 drag and drop files into the box named "File name" on the right side of the program window.
Step 6 wait for it to upload
Step 7 check successful tab for verification
And you are done!
Just notify the receiving party.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organizing Your Work Schedule

Finding the balance between keeping your childhood wonder and trust in everyone and that everything will turn out all right is the key to being an adult.
We fight our whole childhood to "grow up" but the actual struggle is to not be lazy when we get there. All my troubles in my life have been because I was willing to just "go with the flow". I wouldn't budget or make it to work everyday, and at the end of the month I was running to Mommy and Daddy begging for the to bail me out. We all have to start taking responsibility in our lives and do the things that need to get done because we are adults.
I really love my career since I get to make my own hours and I dont have to be stuck in a box 40hrs a week. But the fight then becomes motivating myself to get on webcam or make videos. I have to stay organized with long lists of videos to create and keep goals for myself (ie 10 videos 2mins or longer by the end of the week) With webcaming my only way to keep on top of it is advertise like crazy the nights I will be online so I feel the responsibility to keep my word and not disappoint my fans.