Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things To Look Out For: Don't Be Naive

Always make sure your getting paid fairly. Most models lie about what they make per scene, but look at the company and what they are offering. Usually asking for a little more is good so you can negotiate the rate you actually want.

Beware of people who tell you they will take care of all your problems and make you a star. Porn doesn't work that way anymore and bbw porn has never operated like that. If you want any sort of longevity in your career you have to place nice, be smart, know you are worth it and make it on your OWN. There are a lot of men and a few women out there in posing as agents. You should never pay anyone upfront for finding you shoots. If anyone is to be paid referral money it is always paid by the company doing the shoot.

Fighting on social media. We are all guilty of it. I had a model log in to my social media and start drama with other models. This was someone a few months ago I would have said was my best friend. You can't trust models. You can be friends with them to a point, but if you have something you'd rather not have the whole world knowing, don't tell anyone in the industry. Also for the love of all that is good don't give out your passwords! Learn from me! Only you should have access to your online life.