Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding a Webmaster for Your Personal Site

I say no to webmasters! They will tell you that they will give you the world and not deliver much of anything.

I have redesigned my site and started using ModelCentro.com

If you signup add me as your referrer "Eliza Allure"

The cut is 75% in your favor which is better than the 50/50 split most webmasters do. Some you even get less with.

Please please take a lesson from my past experience I have tried working with several webmasters. Do not do it. Be in charge of your own destiny.


Check out my new site. Its built with a template from modelcentro.com signup with my link elizaallure.com/signup

I just uploaded the pictures I wanted and changed the text to fit me. Then you add your domain name and videos/ photo updates. I love that you can schedule when content gets released and they connect to your social media like twitter to auto tweet out when you add content. The watermark feature auto watermarks your pics and videos if you choose to turn it on. Also you can do member webcam shows and they are all recorded for your members to view later if they wish.

Its basically everything a model could want in one convenient place.