Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding a Webmaster for Your Personal Site

I say no to webmasters! They will tell you that they will give you the world and not deliver much of anything.

I have redesigned my site and started using ModelCentro.com

If you signup add me as your referrer "Eliza Allure"

The cut is 75% in your favor which is better than the 50/50 split most webmasters do. Some you even get less with.

Please please take a lesson from my past experience I have tried working with several webmasters. Do not do it. Be in charge of your own destiny.


Check out my new site. Its built with a template from modelcentro.com signup with my link elizaallure.com/signup

I just uploaded the pictures I wanted and changed the text to fit me. Then you add your domain name and videos/ photo updates. I love that you can schedule when content gets released and they connect to your social media like twitter to auto tweet out when you add content. The watermark feature auto watermarks your pics and videos if you choose to turn it on. Also you can do member webcam shows and they are all recorded for your members to view later if they wish.

Its basically everything a model could want in one convenient place.

Finding a Photographer to shoot content for your sites


Make a profile just make sure not to post links to your porn. Adult pictures are welcome, just mark them as nsfw. If they find you to be in the adult industry they will delete you. So silly but you have a heads up.

If you are in Las Vegas I shoot trade and paid shoots available for ElizaAllure.com.

Or I have the contact of a very high end photographer, but it will cost $$$

Make Sizzling Porn

Its about being present and in the moment. So many girls in porn are so lovely that they dont do much else but lay there. Give the camera I wanna fuck you looks. You are hot stuff! Thousands of guys are going to jack off to your hot body, give them a show they wont forget!

Be Proud of Your Body

Confidence sells. Nothing is more unattractive than a pretty girl trying to garner compliments by body shaming herself. Know you are sexy and say it. You can do it with class and not sound bitchy. Its about knowing you are worth just as much as a pretty playboy model and should be treated just as well.

Things To Look Out For: Don't Be Naive

Always make sure your getting paid fairly. Most models lie about what they make per scene, but look at the company and what they are offering. Usually asking for a little more is good so you can negotiate the rate you actually want.

Beware of people who tell you they will take care of all your problems and make you a star. Porn doesn't work that way anymore and bbw porn has never operated like that. If you want any sort of longevity in your career you have to place nice, be smart, know you are worth it and make it on your OWN. There are a lot of men and a few women out there in posing as agents. You should never pay anyone upfront for finding you shoots. If anyone is to be paid referral money it is always paid by the company doing the shoot.

Fighting on social media. We are all guilty of it. I had a model log in to my social media and start drama with other models. This was someone a few months ago I would have said was my best friend. You can't trust models. You can be friends with them to a point, but if you have something you'd rather not have the whole world knowing, don't tell anyone in the industry. Also for the love of all that is good don't give out your passwords! Learn from me! Only you should have access to your online life.

Fetishes You Should Know

Big Girl Fetishes:
Belly play
Stretch mark

Financial Domination
hair brushing
pedal pumping

Skype Shows

Getting customers to skype with you is the best way for you to get the most money.

Download skype here for you devices. http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/un
Be careful when installing to uncheck to change your search engine to Bing. They are tricky and will change your settings. Its annoying to have to uninstall it and reinstall properly.

Setting your price: (A General Guideline) Feel free to charge whatever you feel is appropriate.
Standard Show- ( masturbation, stripping, dancing, etc) $3/min With a 10min minimum show.
Just chatting- (dressed in bra and panties or clothes) $2/min 15min minimum show.
Fetish- (eating, burping, sneezing, balloon, roleplay, etc) $4/min 10min minimum show.
Hardcore- (You with a costar) $6/min 20min minimum show


Methods of payment:

Amazon- (have them send it to your email) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004LLIKVU/gcrnsts?ie=UTF8&keywords=amazon%20e%20gift%20card&qid=1387625090&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

When using paypal to receive payments you must be careful to not violate their TOS. They are very strict about selling adult content that is not a sex toy or actual dvd. Sending invoices is very easy and you can have the money sent to your bank account or card. You can also use it to pay bills or shop online.

Moneypak/prepaid card
Purchase a Walmart or Greendot prepaid credit card. It is easy to recieve money via moneypak reload cards. They are at every gas station practically so its not that much of an incovience to the customer.


(CAUTION REDSON KING AKA REDSON KIND DOES NOT FOLLOW THROUGH ON HIS PAYMENT VIA WISHLISTS) Be warned He has done shows with both Eliza Allure and Aire Fresco in which was agreed he would pay by purchasing certain wishlist items. He cancels the order after the show is complete.

This unfortunately can happen when you trust someone who claims to be a fan. You think, "why would a fan screw me over?" Well, some guys get pleasure out of fucking over women. Don't be naive.

Happy Camming!

Selling Your Photos

Southern-Charms.com is a perfect site to sell your photosets. It is another steady pay check every month.

Selling Your Own Videos

Clips4sale.com is a fantastic site with a large customer base. You can make 1 clip a day (mostly fetish clips) and make your rent every month easily.

All you need to start up is 10 clips at least 2mins long each.
Fill out and submit your model form and w9 and you are ready to sell!

If you need help with graphics for your site please let me know. Elizasallure@gmail.com

I sell fetish clips there everything from brushing my teeth, burping, jiggling my belly to eating junk food and trying on too tight clothes.

also check out ManyVids.com


Webcaming brings in a steady income. Which in our industry is great. Like I said before you just need to not be lazy and motivate yourself to actually login.

Webcaming also brings more customers to your pay and clip sites, so in turn you make more money.

There are serveral sites that are great to cam on.

Allbbwcams.com- pretty much the place for bbws to start out.

Streamate.com- I prefer Streamate. They are a wide customer base and my room is never empty. I spend about half of my time online in private chat. They pay every week on wed.
In order to entice customers into your room you must have an HD webcam and the best internet connection offered by your provider. Trust me if you dont its a waste of time to log on. The guys will just tell you how bad the quality is and that they wont pay.
After you have been caming using their encoder (they will tell you where to download it) you will get goldshows enabled.

Kinklive.com- I have yet to try it out.

Myfreecams.com- the largest cam site. Not bad to put it on while you are cleaning your room or sometime similar the guys will tip you, but hardly ever go into private.

Chaturbate.com- I have yet to try it out.

Gold Shows
Streamate tutorial http://streamatemodels.com/documents/en/goldshow.pdf

This girl has great tips on not getting banned. I also like the way she breaks down the different chat modes.

Sorry for not writing it myself. Sometimes things are just too repetitive and these are all great sources. This blog is after all a resource to teach you how to search the web for information you need to work and promote your brand ie You!

Free Marketing

Social Networks are an easy way to get your face out there. If you are readying this no doubt you understand this. However, I doubt you understand just how important it is to connect with your fans everyday.

Tweeting pics=more fans. Men simply wont follow you because you said something cute. If you want to draw them in you need to tease them.

There are many twitter promoters of sexy girls. Just follow them and send them your photos daily!

You should be on
Chubby Parade

etc there are many more. Just search for them.

Know Your Niche

Like everyone is not the same, neither are bbws. We come in a variety of packages. Are you a plumper? BBw? SSbbw? Pearshaped? Hourglass? Top Heavy?

Knowing your niche helps you with marketing yourself. It will help you capture potential customers attention. After you figure out your body (pretty easy) is figuring out what is going to sell for you.

Are you a Milf? Gainer? Goddess? Femdom? etc. There are many more categories as you know. I suggest you research and ask your fans constantly for input on what to produce.

These are the video clips I sold from Jun 1st 2014 to June 29th 2014
Most are around 2 minutes long. There are a number of different fetishes. I focus mainly on gaining since that is where I make most of my money. I had to break it into two photos because of how long the page was.

On every clips4sale site there is a box for top selling clips. I would suggest taking a look at performers with similar body types and see what they are selling the most of. It should help.

You Don't Need a Manager!

You are smart enough and porn is easy enough if you are willing to do an hour or two of work everyday! Think of it this way, you don't have to sit in a cubicle at least 40 hours a week to barely be able to pay your bills.