Thursday, April 30, 2020

Onlyfans & Telegram

Sharing with other models and posting each others promos is the fastest way to grow your onlyfans. On telegram models have created hundreds of groups where you can find others to share with. I have free videos in a dropbox link on how to navigate telegram and onlyfans. If you would like them please email

Saturday, June 8, 2019

How OneNote Can Save You Time and Your Sanity

Customers will begin to ask the same questions over and over. This is where FAQs pages (aka Frequently Asked Question) got their start. In the age of social media though, few want to refer to these pages. ESPECIALLY if they believe they are talking directly to the model of their desires. So how does one remain polite when you hear the exact same question for the 15th time that hour?
Many of us are familiar with OneNote already but most do not know that you can use it as an on-hand FAQ. Take one tab and label as such – FAQ. Then just write down questions people ask you all the time. It is far easier to copy and paste than to have to retype out information over and over and over again. Going further, when you aren’t in the best mood, it can help to have an instant polite reply ready to go. I don’t know about you, but when I am not feeling the happiest, my replies can show it!
What about bios? If you are doing podcasts, press releases or any sort of interview, you will be asked for quick bio. While they seem to be easy to write, when under a time constraint, it can seem like your brain just shuts down. Having one on the ready (or a few variations) can really cut down on unnecessary stress. Add some preferred promo pics and desired shareable links.
On the run like the rest of the world? OneNote will take dictation. If you can’t type or are in just a hurry, hit the microphone button and just talk away. It doesn’t record your voice but puts it into text for easy reading later. When putting on your makeup, taking a bath or any other task that requires your hands, you can just have OneNote jot down ideas. Make a list of upcoming cam show ideas, places to promote yourself next, clips you want to create or people you need to remember to reach out to. Now you can multitask a bit easier. Just go back through and organize your notes when you have the time.
Your notes are also always with you. In these days of apps and mobile data, you are always just a finger press away from whatever you enter. This is especially important when you are out doing conventions or even doing trade shoots. Store blank copies of contracts, digital business cards (you can beam that file from your OneNote to their device!) and take down their information in your OneNote. Direct messages are great, but they can get buried over time, especially when you are out networking! Store it in OneNote and then organize when you have the time.
Don’t forget to use the tagging system. This makes it easier to find certain notes that are of special importance. Custom files to be created are a massive pain when there is no system for knowing what props need to be bought, what rooms it needs to be shot in or scheduling for other models! By tagging, you can ensure that that note stays at the top of your list and you can even set reminders to notify you when deadlines are coming up.
Have a video, photo or audio piece you need to go with a certain project? You can upload these as well into your various notebooks. This gives you a nice overview of what has been done and what needs the most attention. It also helps when you are working remotely. Warning though, you do also want backups, especially when working with adult content. OneDrive is awesome but they do have some rules against adult content in their terms of service.
Finally, OneNote is amazing for helping you schedule your meetings. OneNote can integrate with Google Calendars and I highly suggest you do so. This means you can schedule your tasks while in your OneNote and it will automatically go onto your Google Calendar. You can even send invites so a meeting syncs to other people. Why not just use Google Calendar’s though? With OneNote, you can attach files that may be needed for that meeting or even a to-do list. Having a check list of everything I will need for a trip, meeting or even a trip to the store. Never forget a thing!
Organization in any company is critical and the adult industry is no exception. Maybe you find that you are not a fan of OneNote. Try out several different productivity apps that will keep your precious appointments, lists, contacts and notes in one place! 

-Amberly Rothfield

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Post on Forums to Direct Traffic to your Clips Stores and Websites

Forums to post on for BBW content.

If you arent a BBW I would suggest googling forums for your category. There are many forums out there with customers waiting to discover you!

Monday, November 19, 2018

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You can't rescue everyone

My biggest mistake was believing everyone wanted to best for themselves. Most models just want to get by. Often times, in this industry you will meet people who you really want to help. They will take your help but it keeps them from being self motivated. It can have a damaging effect on both of you. If you see someone in need offer to listen but do not give them money for nothing. There is in general no reason most models cant get on webcam and make the money they need other then sheer laziness and poor spending habits. They will feel entitled to your help and resent you for it all the while.

The best way to help someone is offer them work. Set up double skype shows, or book custom videos etc but never give them the money for nothing. You will get take advantage of by everyone if you are naive.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Keep from Getting Your Twitter Account Suspended

What I Wish I had Known Before Starting Porn by Kitty Stryker

I started in porn later than most folks I know- I was 26-27 at the time, practically ancient by sex work standards! I had been around the block a few times, and had done other forms of sex work, so I wasn’t completely naive when I started. I knew how to do basic marketing, how to assess work situations, and how to budget my money. Having an idea about how to be a professional in the world of sex work certainly helped me when I expanded into porn.
Still, I didn’t know everything. One area I wish I had known more about would be online privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a decent guide up on some privacy measures sex workers can take to protect themselves, small measures that can make it difficult for a rabid fan or a radical feminist uncovering your legal name, where you live, or your day job info. Another excellent and detailed guide can be found here. Online privacy is something easy to forget about, but also very important to remember to prevent an impact on your life!
I also didn’t know very much about trade shoots. I might have avoided some issues had I known to consider whether the balance of marketability was fair. Thankfully, Jiz Lee has written a fantastic guide on how to keep trade shoots as balanced as possible while also getting everyone what they want! Thinking about spelling out who has rights to sell what and where when making porn is very useful for making sure that your business dealings are positive experiences.
I also wish I had known a little more about being less trusting. The first couple of shoots I did were with a porn star who was more established than I was, and I was a bit starry eyed. Unfortunately, she abused that power, not just with me but other performers- she didn’t pay us, she didn’t give us our footage, she spread rumors about us to each other to keep us from talking and connecting the dots about her manipulative behavior. Now, I ensure that everything is written down in a contract, that all content has been shared as soon as possible (preferably the day of the shoot), and that I take all “advice” with a grain of salt!

I think those are the three areas that I wish I had gotten some more advice in before going into porn. Now I’m glad to share that info with other folks so they can avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Written by Kitty Stryker
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Read More from Kitty Stryker at

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Collecting 2257s and IDs

Having all the proper model forms and IDs is extremely important. This proves all models are of legal age and willing participants in your content.

Here is a standard 2257 I use that you may use as well.

The Importance of Collecting Your Content Immediately After Shooting

Getting your content from trade shoots immediately is important. If you leave it with someone else no matter who they are you run the risk of losing it. Recently I was starting a new website and so I had the webmaster hold my new videos I did in trade with another of his girls. Well somethings changed and they are not doing my site. I had left them a hard-drive full of all my content and when I was to pick it up I requested that they add the videos they were supposed to save for me. Well... the videos are gone, and I am shit outta luck. They already put everything I did with her up on her site so she has made money off of me, and I get nothing. They promised to reshoot the videos for me, but these videos where difficult to make. Lots of Lift and Carrying a fat girl across the whole house and etc. So it hurts my back and legs to do this. And I did it for nothing.

So please take it from me do not trust anyone. bring your own harddive to the shoot and do not leave until you get your content.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why is there such a high Model turn-over rate?

Most people who enter into the adult industry as performers do not understand the amount of effort that goes into making porn and building your brand. You have to run your career like any business. And quite frankly all the people who never even finished high school who get into the adult industry have no motivation to be anything better. They see porn as an easy way to make money. Their lack luster performances and reputation soon get them ostracized. I have had so many models book to shoot lately and cancel over and over. I rearrange my schedule and life for them. I want to give them every opportunity to succeed. (Which I was not given)  If this was any other job they would be fired, but since its not all I can do is choose to not work with them. So often I find models who seem so passionate about being in this industry, but their actions never live up to their passionate speeches. I do not know how someone can bitch about not making money when they have been given all the tools and repeatedly shown how to use them to their benefit. At some point you have to commit or stop wasting your time. If you aren't editing your videos and webcaming everyday of course you aren't going to make money... you aren't working.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bulk Scheduling Tweets on Hootsuite

This Blog was very help for Bulk Scheduling Tweets on Hootsuite

Friday, July 18, 2014

Automatic Tweets and Marketing

Check out

You can have a basic account which is free and allows to to schedule updates to go to your social media sites. Or I actually pay for hootsuite pro because I like being able to auto schedule tweets too by just clicking a template. The site has great tutorials if you want to get more indepth.

Marketing is your bread and butter. You can produce fantastic videos and photographs, but if no one knows they are available to be purchased what good is that to you??

As a general rule I tweet at least one clip or picture with a link to my clips4sale, southern-charms or every hour. With hootesuite I can schedule my tweets for the week one or two nights a week and be done with it. I am not wasting my time on social media. I get to make money while I am focused on my family.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Make a Living in the Plus Size Adult Industry

You will read a lot of people saying you can't pay your bills with porn, but I make my living from porn. I will not claim that you can get rich from porn. That is extremely rare, and definitely not in my niche. But this is how I make the adult industry work for me. I produce most of my own content, rather than being paid by a company for a scene. My clips4sale site pays my rent every month. I live in a great 3brd 2bath condo, in Las Vegas, in a nice gated community. My southern-charms site pays for my utilities. My income from my personal site and webcaming on streamate cover my other expenses. I live a very comfortable and relaxed life style. I set up content trade shoots/parties every month so I am my fellow models can produce their own content easily. So far, I have spent hundreds this year on food and locations for everyone, but it has been more than worth it because I and all the other models have benefited with months worth of videos and pictures to sell. I produce mostly fetish content because lets face it if a guy wants to watch me giving a blowjob he can go to pornhub or the like and jerk off for free. However, fetish lovers are willing to pay money to see what they like because its rare to find. You have to find your niche. What makes you different or special? Market that quality.

I shoot with companies once or twice a month. I work with a few of the top bbw companies shooting hardcore videos. I always negotiate my rate. Never take whats offered at first. They should pay for room, travel, food and testing. If you aren't getting all of this done you need to ask for it! Don't complain about what people wont do for you if you aren't willing to demand better treatment. Earlier this week I gave a new model this very advice about testing and she took it and asked the producer to pay for it and like that her wish is granted. Most porn companies want to keep you happy, because you are their product. So don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You don't have to be a diva about it. You can act like a smart business woman.

I webcam on streamate. I have a goal of at least $100 a day. I usually make it in the first 30mins to an hour of being online. Then I log off and go relax. At the end of the month I've made around $3000. Custom video requests come in everyday. I keep track of them and go down the list creating them, when I have shoots. Fans are willing to pay a premium for custom work. I promote my ass off on social media like twitter and instagram.  I make public appearances at AVN, BBW fanfest, Pornstar Karaoke, Plush Night Club, and on radio shows like SinCity Bounty. All of these places and events are easy to access. I network with models, photographers, producers etc at these events.

Occasionally, I have see a fan who wants to pay me for my time, but it is not where I make the majority of my income. I used to escort, but now I don't have to, because I have focused my attention where it needed to be. I do not look down on girls in the industry who do it obviously. Just be safe and smart always.

So, If you add the total time I spend working a month it comes to about 1 week. While everyone slaves away to barely pay their bills I am watching Netflix or getting my nails done (You get the idea). You can definitely make a living in the adult industry if you are willing to work when you need to. Good luck ladies!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Upload files via an FTP

Step 1 Download and install Filezilla
Step 2  Enter your FTP Host info example:
Step 3 enter your Username
Step 4 Enter your Password
Step 4 click on Quickconnect
Step 5 drag and drop files into the box named "File name" on the right side of the program window.
Step 6 wait for it to upload
Step 7 check successful tab for verification
And you are done!
Just notify the receiving party.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organizing Your Work Schedule

Finding the balance between keeping your childhood wonder and trust in everyone and that everything will turn out all right is the key to being an adult.
We fight our whole childhood to "grow up" but the actual struggle is to not be lazy when we get there. All my troubles in my life have been because I was willing to just "go with the flow". I wouldn't budget or make it to work everyday, and at the end of the month I was running to Mommy and Daddy begging for the to bail me out. We all have to start taking responsibility in our lives and do the things that need to get done because we are adults.
I really love my career since I get to make my own hours and I dont have to be stuck in a box 40hrs a week. But the fight then becomes motivating myself to get on webcam or make videos. I have to stay organized with long lists of videos to create and keep goals for myself (ie 10 videos 2mins or longer by the end of the week) With webcaming my only way to keep on top of it is advertise like crazy the nights I will be online so I feel the responsibility to keep my word and not disappoint my fans.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding a Webmaster for Your Personal Site

I say no to webmasters! They will tell you that they will give you the world and not deliver much of anything.

I have redesigned my site and started using

If you signup add me as your referrer "Eliza Allure"

The cut is 75% in your favor which is better than the 50/50 split most webmasters do. Some you even get less with.

Please please take a lesson from my past experience I have tried working with several webmasters. Do not do it. Be in charge of your own destiny.

Check out my new site. Its built with a template from signup with my link

I just uploaded the pictures I wanted and changed the text to fit me. Then you add your domain name and videos/ photo updates. I love that you can schedule when content gets released and they connect to your social media like twitter to auto tweet out when you add content. The watermark feature auto watermarks your pics and videos if you choose to turn it on. Also you can do member webcam shows and they are all recorded for your members to view later if they wish.

Its basically everything a model could want in one convenient place.

Finding a Photographer to shoot content for your sites

Make a profile just make sure not to post links to your porn. Adult pictures are welcome, just mark them as nsfw. If they find you to be in the adult industry they will delete you. So silly but you have a heads up.

If you are in Las Vegas I shoot trade and paid shoots available for

Or I have the contact of a very high end photographer, but it will cost $$$